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Approval Process

There is an obligation for all Lot owners who intend to commence development on a Lot, to obtain the necessary written approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).


It is expected that all designs will comply fully with this Architectural and Landscape Code. Where relaxation approval is given for a meritorious or innovative design solution, this does not create a precedent nor imply that the approval will be repeated. Architectural or urban design merit based solutions which deviate from this Architectural and Landscape Code will require you to submit a report to the ARC outlining how the design satisfies the intent of the Code.


Please note:

  • To help assess your new home the ARC require that you provide clear documents to describe the look, layout and materials you intend to use and to make sure that all homes are in keeping with the vision for Ridges Peregian Springs.
  • To ensure that this is a clear process that gives you understandable feedback on your design, the ARC uses a two stage approval process. This requires you to present drawings for review at the early concept stage of the design process and later once the full documents are prepared. Please see list of required documents on page 10 of the Architectural and Landscaping code.
  • No variation will be permitted to site cover or setbacks requirements.
  • Building works may not commence until the ARC has issued formal written approval of the Stage 2 documentation.

Any renovations, extensions or modifications to the approved design must be approved by the ARC and are subject to the same approval process.